Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Princess Haley

Like I posted on our family blog, you and I play dress up a lot. You will pick an outfit out of my closet for me to put on then you do my hair and make up, sometimes my nails (that are currently sparkly blue, thank you). So last night while daddy was working we played dress up again and I asked you to put you entire Cinderella get up on, the dress, shoes, jewelry, wand, purse, and tiara. When you were all dolled up with hair and make up I told you that in 6 days we were going to Disney World for a week! You got so excited! We can't wait to have some alone family time on an amazing vacation! By the way, the only reason you are full on makeup is because ever since you had your dance photo shoot you have been obsessed with full make up, that is what you had to do for the pictures. You are gorgeous with and without make up on, I love you sweet girl!!

This was your actual face when I told you we were going to Disney World for vacation! I told you right as I was snapping the picture. I love this sweet face!!

We will report back with pictures from our Disney trip!
Love, mommy!

"Roid Rage"

Oh my poor little babies! We have all (except for daddy) been sick on and off since November, and it has not been fun at all because I absolutely HATE seeing my babies sick. You guys will camp out in my bedroom for days and we all just lay in bed and watch movies until everyone is feeling better. In fact we really do not leave my room at all, daddy is gone all day and most of the night or just out of town for work so we would make a tray of food, drink, medicines, and movies that we would need for the day and set it at the end of mama's bed and just let the lounge fest begin.
Most recently Haley, you got a pretty bad cold and you passed that along to your brother and me. Mine turned into strep throat and Max had a case of croup to go along with his pretty severe cold. We had to take him to the doctor after 30 hours of a non stop high temperature and a barking cough that made every breath difficult for you to take. The doctor did several tests and determined that you had croup, and pretty bad because the last time you had a very mild case of croup and they didn't give you anything for it, they just treated the double pink eye and the ear infection. This time they gave you a prescription for a steroid that will reduce the swelling in your throat, she also said that it would more than likely give you "Roid Rage". Wait...... What?!? Roid Rage?? Hm.... My baby? Having Roid Rage?? Meaning? Well, she said that it could make you irrational, temperamental, and just plain crazy. We did have a incident the first night, you did lose your junk that night, but other than that we have been good. You still do not feel 100% yet, but we are getting there. You just want daddy and me to hold you all the time and give you snuggles, or as Sissy would say "share snuggles". Listen my sweet angel, you need to get better, fast! It is really hard for me to see you and Haley sick, period. I love you Bubbies, and I will continue to snuggle you and give you medicine until you feel better, but you better hurry up because we leave for Disney World in about 5 days!!! Family vacation, and we cannot wait!!!
Now I am off to get dinner out of the oven and clean up our "sleepover" pallet downstairs before daddy gets home. Family Movie Night!!!!! Love you Haley and Maddox! Muah!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

For Max

My little man Max, how I love you. You are the most amazing boy I have ever encountered, and you bring so much happiness to our family and everyone that you come across. You have the most amazing smile my love and your laugh is the most infectious thing I have ever heard. You are like a little mocking bird these days, anything we say or any hand gesture we make you are doing your best to do and say the same. Your big thing right now is saying no while shaking your head no back and forth quickly and shanking both arms high above your head in the air. It is not just saying "NO" it is the way you say it and a bit of an accent while saying it, you manage to just about make it a three syllable word, it is hilarious! You have four very large teeth on your upper arch and two on the lower arch while working on two more down there, all of them spaced very far apart. When you speak your baby gibberish, that is possibly one of my favorite things on this planet, because you almost have a "Sid" like spit action going on when you say your "S" 's. Here are just some of the words you have been saying (you started saying most of these words before you were even one year old): Mama (FIRST WORD!!!), dada, sissy, Haley, dog (sounds like douwg"), no no, c'mon, bye bye, hi, no way, you, Bash (our dog, his name is Sebastian), listen (sounds like yissen"), gimme kiss, muah, head, hair, brush, chicken, doll, ball, Nana, Holly, Jesus (sounds like Esus), bite, food, cracker (sounds like cacka), poopie, stinker winker, sho wee, pee pee, and a few others that are escaping me at the moment. Everyone love how you walk, it is sort of like you lean forward a little, head down, and almost more like a walk run that anything. When you get upset that someone will not pick you up you sit on the floor and lean forward and hit your head on the ground once and just stay there and cry until someone comes and gets you (and someone always comes and gets you)! You love to rip one, and think it is the funniest thing ever. We always say "tooter skooter " and "stinker winker" when anyone in the house rips one, you find it so funny in fact that after you do it one time you will sit for the next two minutes or so and try and push another one out so hard that your face turns a deep red. Ew. Your favorite thing to do is to lay with mommy in my bed and snuggle, you are so content to just lay with me, it is one of my favorite things to do too so as long as your are willing I am going to take advantage of it because I know it will not last too much longer. What comes in at a close tie is eating, man, you are a tiny little dude but you can eat and you do eat everything all the time. We had Terry make a comment about how you ate the entire sacrament meeting this past sunday and you could have eaten your way through church. Your second favorite thing to do it to play with sissy, Haley, you guys will play for hours and more times than not you two want to play with each other and don't even need me. Your third favorite thing to do is to dance, man you love some music and to dance whenever and where ever you are. It is the cutest thing, you did learn this from the rest of us because we are a pretty goofy family and whenever we hear a good beat we all start dancing. Believe it or not but when I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant with you we were at the movies and they played a song really loud in the theater and you were doing flips in my belly and the minute the music stopped so did you, and I said that night that your were going to love music and be a little dancer and I was so right!! You are a living and breathing tornado, I swear I have never seen a baby do so much damage. I can go to the bathroom, 30 seconds, and walk back into my room and you have taken a perfectly clean room and destroy it. I don't even know how you get into some of the things that you do, but you do and it is crazy. Forget leaving a basket of clean laundry on the floor, you throw every single piece of clothing everywhere. You take muffins in your hands and clap until they crumble all over the floor, it is insane little man. One of your funny things to do is whenever I am doing laundry you follow me in there and insist on me handing you clothes piece by piece and you have to put them into the dryer, I cannot do it, and the whole process take us about 15 minutes (and if I try and sneak some pieces in there you always notice and pull everything out and start all over again. You are such a big helper. Thank you bubbies for being mommy's special helper. Well, I really need to get on to some work, we have a load of towels to switch over and I know that will make you very happy! Love you little man, always stay a mama's boy, there is nothing wrong with that.

MY Special Day

Oh the excitement in the air this morning when I came into your room to wake you up for your special day with Nana! When Max and I rubbed your back to wake you up, you popped right up and out of bed, you knew exactly what was happening today which you always do because you forget nothing. We proceeded to give you a bath, dry your hair, get you dressed, pack your bag, pack some snacks, and await Nana's arrival. All the while reminding your baby brother that only you were going and not him, that you had a special day planned with Nana and he had to stay with mommy and only go to the store today. This is what you are doing with Nana today: she picked you up at 10:00 a.m. and you were headed off to Maggie's birthday party, which you got her a Sleeping Beauty barbie doll, then to Nana's house for some snacks, TV and a little nap, then you are headed down to Atlanta to go to the tent theater to see Peter Pan, it is a interactive play with 360 * screens all around you and a stage where the performers are on and then they actors will fly over the audience heads during the show. Wow, what a day, how fun for you to get to do that and have an entire day with Nana and Holly. I CAN'T WAIT for you to get your tiny hiny home and tell me all about your day today and all the fun and amazing things you did and saw. We miss you terribly around here and it is only 2:3o in the afternoon!! The house is so quiet when you are gone and Max wonders the house calling your name and looking for you so he can play with you, he even makes me pick him up and show him that you are not in your bed (I think he forgets you are gone for a moment then goes looking to see if you are taking a nap in your bed, too cute). He keeps walking in your bedroom hoping that maybe you are in there, and he will pick up one of your stuffed animals and carry it around with him while giving it kisses. He loves you very much and misses you when you are gone. the best part of my day will be putting you in your bed and laying down next to you while I scratch your arms and have you tell me every exciting detail of your day and how much fun you had!!! I love moments like that! Well, I am off to finish the laundry, get dinner started, and clean my room (Max has done a major number on my room). I love your guts Loppy Lou, see you soon!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Haley's Talk in Primary.

Haley, you were asked to give a talk in Jr. Primary Sharing Time this past Sunday. Now, I am your mama so I am bias but..... YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB!!! You spoke so clearly and were so proud, you held your head up, made eye contact, and delivered an amazing talk. Before I share your talk on here I have a funny story first.
When we were sitting in the Chapel before Sacrament meeting started you were asking me questions about your talk. You then got so excited because you thought that you were speaking in Sacrament Meeting and pointed to the podium and said "I get to give my talk up there to everyone"! I had to explain to you that you were speaking in Primary and not in Sacrament Meeting, and you were so upset that you couldn't get up in front of the entire congregation. You are SO your daddy's daughter and are not afraid of public speaking, in fact, you love it. I am so shy, timid, and would be so nervous to do any kind of public speaking of any form. You also had a conversation with the Relief Society President, Sister Mecham, right before sacrament meeting started. You explained to her that you would be giving a talk in primary and that the talk was about Heavenly Father speaking to us through his Prophets. She asked if you knew what the Prophet's name was, and you responded so proudly "Thomas S. Monson"! I was so proud of you! Then during testimony meeting Sister Mecham got up to bare her testimony and she said "I had the pleasure of speaking with Haley Beatty today before church started and she told me all about her talk that she is going to give in Primary today and she told me that our Prophet was Thomas S. Monson, and that just made me so proud of her and so proud that she knows who our Prophet is and that she is so excited to speak about him today, and I know that she will do an amazing job". WOW! Talk about making a mama proud, and you couldn't believe that she said your name and spoke about you in her testimony! I love you very much my sweet angel, and I could not possibly be any more proud of you than I am right now. I am putting your talk right below this so we have it to look back on forever. The video will come shortly after I figure out how to get it on here.

Heavenly Father Speaks To Us Through His Prophets. By Haley Beatty

Heavenly Father speaks to us today through his Prophet, just as he did in the past. The Prophet will teach us what Heavenly Father wants us to know and do. One of these Prophets were Noah, when he was instructed by Heavenly Father to warn the people that if they didn't repent, a terrible flood would come and cover the earth. Noah built an ark and he and his family were the only ones that had faith and listened and they were the only ones that were saved. Another great example was when a young Joseph Smith went into the woods to pray about which church to join. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him and told him to join none but to restore the true gospel to the earth. He did so and communicated with the members of the church of Heavenly Fathers's will. We have a living Prophet on the earth today, Thomas S. Monson, and he advices us and teaches us what he wants us to know. He tells us to repent, read our scriptures, pray daily, have Family Home Evening, and many other things. I am glad to have a living prophet today and grateful to know and learn what Heavenly Father wants us to.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So Um....

Yeah.... so shy of two years since the last time I blogged?!?!? What in the world? There is no way I can possibly catch my mommy blog up on everything that has happened, but I will try. Bits and pieces and it will take a while but this is for you guys (my children) to look back, read, and re live these hilarious and crazy stories of me being a mom to you two! I love every second of the loving, loud, messy, playing, crying, screaming, kissing, puking, hilariousness of it all. You two keep me on my toes, exhausted, and completely filled to the brim with love. Daddy travels a lot and we are left just the three of us most of the time, but we manage to have fun even without daddy home. We do absolutely EVERYTHING together, in fact the only time we are apart is when Haley is in school, primary class, or bedtime (which more times than not we all end up in the same bed one way or another, and I love it!). I just love being with my children and I feel anxious when you are not with me. Daddy and I squeeze in every second of family time we can, we have family movie night at least three times a week, we have family dinner every night that daddy is home, we play games all of the time, we are the silliest family and have dance parties all the time, we have countless nicknames and inside jokes for each other, we all go to the store together and anything else you can think of. I would have our lives no other way. I will update pictures and stories over the next, well however long it takes me to catch up. I will try and do a little story everyday, I have to, we all need this mommy tales blog to remember all the moments we share together. So here we go....... time to blog!